Save the Date: No Pants Light Rail Ride 2014

courtesy of nooccarLast year 350 people took to the Light Rail in Phoenix and took off their pants – and we’re doing it again!

The 6th Annual No Pants Light Rail Ride is coming up on Sunday, January 12th at 1pm. This is part of the Global No Pants Subway Ride started by Improv Everywhere in 2002. What started as 7 people doing a prank on the New York subway has expanded into an international event involving tens of thousands of people in dozens of cities all over the world.

The rules of the event are pretty simple – show up at the designated place and time with your light rail pass, take off your pants, get on the light rail, and act like nothing strange is going on. You have no idea why other people around you aren’t wearing pants. If you have trouble keeping a straight face, you may want to bring your earbuds and listen to your music.

Warm or cold, rain or shine we’re doing this. As the date gets closer, we’ll bring you in the loop about where the starting points will be and where the group is meeting up. We had an awesome time last year riding the rail sans pants and meeting up at Angel’s Trumpet Ale House. Check out the photos and video from last year’s event to see for yourself.

If you haven’t done so yet, please RSVP on our Facebook event – we’ll update it with the details of the 2014 No Pants Ride once we have them ironed out.

Bust out your spandex and join our first Flashmob Fiction story!

Remember the awesome mp3 Experiment we did a few years ago? We loved it and had a lot of people ask us to do it again, but that idea is really the baby of Improv Everywhere so we wanted to try something new.

Epic Super Hero Battle courtesy of patrickem

Epic Super Hero Battle courtesy of patrickem

That new idea is something we’re calling “Flashmob Fiction“, which is part flash mob and part interactive storytelling. And the first episode of our Flashmob Fiction will bring in an idea from another popular project – the Epic Super Hero Battle!

The Tale of the Epic Super Hero Battle

For those of you who haven’t participated in an Epic Super Hero Battle, it’s a fake battle between heroes and villains where agents create their own characters for the cheesy epic face off. This time you will still dress up, but you will also download an mp3 in advance and press “play” at a designated time and location. You’ll be following the instructions provided by the magic voice to help the story unfold.

How It Works

As with all our events, participation is mandatory! We are already covered for photographs and videos, so only show up if you’re going to play along with the group.

When: Saturday, November 17th, 1:00pm – watch for the sign to start!

Where: 3rd Ave, west of Scottsdale Road in Scottsdale (NW corner). The linked map shows where to park and where to go.

What to Do: Show up at the location with the mp3 on your player and press play at exactly 1:00pm! Do NOT listen to the mp3 in advance!

RSVP: Please RSVP on our Facebook event if you so desire, but all you’re required to do is show up!

What to Bring: Your mp3 player, headphones, and your costume!

What to Wear: Dress as a super powered hero or villain of your own creation. Don’t come as Superman or Wolverine – make up your own crazy idea and have fun with it. Decide your secret hero (or villain) name, and show up in costume ready to go! If you need costume components, be sure to hit the Halloween shops before Halloween or Easley’s Fun Shop in Phoenix always has a great selection of costume pieces.

Wandering About: The instructions may require you to temporarily separate from your friends so please make sure everyone in your group is old enough and mature enough to walk down the street by themselves where you may not have your eyes on them at every moment.

How to get the mp3

The mp3 will be available on our Flashmob Fiction page late on November 15th. We don’t want people listening to it in advance, so come back then to download it. (We’ll be posting TONS of reminders!)

If you know how to subscribe to an RSS feed for podcasts, we have the RSS feed already live. You can subscribe to that and just refresh the feed before you come to the flash mob.

In the meantime, just mark it on your calendar, shop for your costume, and tell all your friends!


And we’re baaaack!

ImprovAZ - High Fives Will Save The World by Sheiladeeisme

ImprovAZ – High Fives Will Save The World by Sheiladeeisme

We’re sorry that we’ve been on hiatus for most of this year. That’s what happens when 3 of your core team members open new businesses in the same year. Now that it’s cooling down and we have more time, we’re ready to get back into pranks and flash mobs. We’ve severely missed it.

Here are some of the flash mob ideas we’re planning for the next year.

  • Zombie invasion
  • Choreographed dance number
  • Epic Super Hero Battle (with an mp3 component)
  • No Pants Light Rail Ride

One of our organizers has fallen in love with rootsuits, so there’s a good chance we’re going to do something with those too.

And of course we have some pranks in the mix. These are only for our core team (and people we invite from our email list) to do, but we post the video online. You never know when our coroners will be out with Bob the Body Bag.

Thank you to everyone who participated in our recent survey. Your responses were a big help.

If you want to be in the loop on what we’re up to, please subscribe to our email list (we promise we won’t spam you) and follow us on Facebook. We announce most of our events on Facebook, but there will be some secret pranks that only our mailing list will be invited to participate in.

See you soon!

Flash mobs are for fun, not crimes

#eshb09 - Epic Super Hero/Villain Battle 2009

Image by sheiladeeisme via Flickr

This summer there have been numerous robberies and assaults that were committed by large groups of people that the media claims were organized via social media. Unfortunately, the media has dubbed these activities “flash mob crimes” and “flash mob violence.” We think these terms are completely inaccurate. A flash mob is defined as “a group of people who assemble suddenly in a public place, perform an unusual and sometimes seemingly pointless act for a brief time, then disperse, often for the purposes of entertainment and/or satire.”

Flash mobs are not crimes. They are innocuous, fun events. The only similarity between flash mobs and these crimes is the fact that both can be coordinated using social media.

The organizers of Improv Arizona do not condone these criminal behaviors, and we offer our support to the communities dealing with these problems. We are dedicated to keeping our events fun and legal.

Before announcing any event, we consider the potential legal implications involved, and select activities that are safe for everyone involved. Our goal is always to entertain and inspire both our participants and the unsuspecting audience.

We’re excited to have just finished planning for several new flash mobs for the Phoenix area, and hope to remind people how much fun these things can be!

If you want to be a participant in an upcoming flash mob, be sure to follow us on Facebook or join our email list. We will be announcing new events soon.

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Flashing in the Spring – Loads of mobs around the corner!

(cc) •●pfaff on Flickr

Aloha, Pranksters!

Once upon a time it may have been tough to find flash mobs or public sillines in the Phoenix area. Those days are behind us, especially this Spring as there is a bumper crop of flash mobs coming up! Some are ours, some are organized by others, but all sound fun so we wanted to share. Check out whichever ones tickle your fancy, and please spread the word!

Fake Protest Flash Mob

April 9th in Phoenix. Make up a goofy protest sign and join the silliest, most pointless protest every. Exact location to be announced shortly, but you can start getting your signs ready. RSVP for the Fake Protest on Facebook or read our blog post for details.

Pirates versus Ninjas

April 14th at ASU. This isn’t one of ours, but sounds like fun. Dress up as your favorite side in this eternal struggled and wage a fake battle on campus. Details are on Facebook.

University of Arizona Dance Flash Mob

April 21st in Tucson. If you’re near the UofA (or up for a road trip!) check out this dance flash mob that FlashMobAZ is planning on campus. Exact location will be revealed on the Facebook page, so RSVP there to stay connected.

Where’s Waldo Flash Mob

April 23rd in the East Valley. Bust out the red and white! We want as many people as possible to dress like the famous, hidden cartoon character and hang out, while we ask people going by to help locate one specific “Waldo” in the crowd. You don’t need an exact outfit, just something that’s fun. Read about it on the Where’s Waldo Facebook event, or watch our blog for detailed info soon.

Chandler Secret Flash Mob

May 21st in Chandler. Both the location and the details are a secret right now, but if you RSVP on their Facebook page you will get all the details when they are revealed.

I’m sure there will be more pranks and shenanigans coming up, but this is a nice pile to keep everyone entertained until the summer hits.

Friends, Pranksters, Countrymen… lend us your vote!

Battle Stalwarts
Image by Moriartys via Flickr

Good evening!  Well, it isn’t really evening out as I write this, but I always liked Alfred Hitchcock.

Things have been a little quiet around the ImprovAZ front as tends to happen over the summer. It’s not the heat so much as the stupid people are running around saying “At least it’s a dry heat.”  We’re worried about not being able to control ourselves and inflicting bodily harm upon those people, so we say safely indoors.  However, the summer is happily drawing to a close, and we’re gearing up for what hopes to be a fun few months of shenanigans.

We need your vote!

A few pranksters from Arizona and California are going to the South By Southwest Interactive festival in Austin next year, and we’ve submitted two panels to talk about doing pranks and flashmobs.  Could you take 5 minutes and vote for us?  Cast your vote or leave a comment for Frosting The Law: Building a Safe Prank Group, and Happenings and Shenanigans: Pranksterism in Our Culture.  Many thanks!

We’re an inspiration! (maybe)

If you missed the spandex clad piece of awesome that was the Epic Super Hero Battle, take some time to gaze upon the technicolor pictures that emerged.  It appears that real superheroes are popping up in the Southern and Midwestern parts of our fair country, so who knows… maybe next year we’ll spawn some real heroes (or villains!)

Want to get involved?

Some of you have already told us you’re interested in helping put on pranks, be lookouts, or help film, but we could use a few more dependable souls – especially if you have some video recording skills. If you would like to help us run some of our silliness, drop us a line!

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Now with crunch, tasty chunks of media!

We’re making some tweaks to our blog feed to allow us to syndicate video and audio files, and let people subscribe to them in iTunes.  This is primarily getting us set up for the mp3 Experiment we have coming up (details soooooon!), but will also let us share cool tidbits directly.

So if you ever wished that this blog could assail your senses in more than just a textual format – this day is momentous for you!  Savor it!

Want the advanced scoop? Join the mailing list!

It’s hard to believe that Improv AZ has only been going since January! We’re pretty happy with everything that’s happened so far, and are excited for our upcoming events. However, we’re making a change to how we notify people about upcoming events.

As we move forward, we will continue to have our big flash mob events and will advertising these events on Facebook. We’re also going to start doing more specialized events, where we may need people with specific skills or where we just don’t want everyone on Facebook to hear. We are going to only promote these via a private email list.

If you haven’t signed up for our list and you want to be in the loop on these secret events, sign up on our website in the “Mailing List” box on the right side, or on this page.

Videographers Needed

In other news, we could really use a few people who can help us with some discrete video work.  We need people who can shoot some of our upcoming pranks without being obvious that you’re filming.  If this is you, we want to hear from you.

Kicking it off!

Just the humble yet obligatory First Post in a blog. This one dedicated to the ImprovAZ scene based group – the local chapter of Improv Everywhere!