Save the Date – No Pants AZ 2011 is Jan 9th!

On the Platform
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Oh, hi there!

Things have been a bit quiet around these parts for assorted reasons, like day jobs and reality making their demands, but we’re set to start off 2011 with some fun!  Improv Everywhere has set the date for their No Pants Subway ride for Sunday, January 9th, and as we have done for the past two years we will be representing Arizona on the Light Rail.  The Where, When, and Whatnot are still being sorted out, but starting shopping for some spiffy new underpants!

You can also RSVP on Facebook, or join our mailing list to make sure you don’t miss any details.  If you are interesting in helping videotape or photograph, let us know.

There are two other prank related events a’cooking, organized by other groups in town, that may be worth your consideration.

Santarchy – December 18th

The AZ Cacophony crew is doing the 2010 mass Santa extravaganza on Saturday, Dec 18th. Grab your Santa suit and check Phoenix Santarchy page for all the details.

West Side Improv Freeze – January 15th

Happening Saturday, Jan 15th, at Westridge Mall, this freeze is being organized by someone on Facebook.  Check out the event page for all the details and to get involved.

Getting Involved

We’ve had a lot of emails lately from people asking how to get involved.  Here’s the scoop – if you want to just attend events, subscribe to our email list.  If you want to help organize or be a Lieutenant at an event to help us out, drop us an email.  If you’ve contacted us recently watch for an email clarifying how you want to be involved in 2011.


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Phoenix First Friday Freeze

First Friday FreezeMay Day in Phoenix; and what better way to celebrate the beginning of the long hot summer than a group freeze in the midst of Phoenix’s First Friday festivities.

Sometime after 6:30 p.m. groups of revelers, approximately 40 in total, converged at the intersection of 5th St and E Garfield, mingled in with the crowds of patrons, artists and passerby’s, inconspicuously waiting. At about 6:50 p.m. balloons were released to the sky signaling the group members to hold that pose and hold it and hold it some more.

A few people were frozen checking their cell phones, or reading a map. I froze in the process of being fed a scoop of ice cream, which dribbled into a mess on the ground. One person froze tying his shoe, and another froze in mid marriage proposal. Definitely lots of creativity in the poses and participants!

Soon crowds gathered; some shocked, some confused, some awed, all mostly amused, to witness the event.

In the true pagan spirit of the holiday, members of the AZ Cacophony Society captivated the crowd by decorating the freeze participants with beads, starry sunglasses, makeup and even making an impromptu human May Pole with streamers.

Then, as suddenly as it began and not a moment too soon for those in pose, it was over at the sound of what could be described as an asthmatic air horn. Everyone quickly dispersed to enjoy the rest of their usual First Friday experience.

Several people have posted videos on YouTube, including alacritae, ballergrlHeather, and this one from RelGirl8:

Victorianladyaz1 was one the freezers, and left the video camera on the whole time. Watch this video to check out the curious people walking around and trying to figure out what was going on.

We have one more “official” video coming, and will post that as soon as it is ready.

There are also some nice pictures showing up in Flickr. Be sure to use the tags “improvaz” and “phxfreeze” on Flickr so we can find them.

If you were part of the First Friday Freeze or witnessed it firsthand, post your thoughts in the comments below!  If you want to get involved in future pranks or flashmobs, keep checking this blog or join our Facebook page.