Kicking it off!

Just the humble yet obligatory First Post in a blog. This one dedicated to the ImprovAZ scene based group – the local chapter of Improv Everywhere!


3 responses to “Kicking it off!”

  1. Huzzah! First Post! First Comment on First Post!

  2. Looks so good! Someone’s showing all kinds of initiative…

  3. “Fill”anthropic FLASH MOB invitation!

    At 5:55 on 5/5 at a public Fountain in your area

    Bring a can of food for the local Food Bank. Flood the fountain with bags of canned food. Here is the plan.

    Show up at a local fountain around 5:45 (wearing rain gear and galoshes if you have them). Start milling around. At 5:55 the alert will sound and everyone will walk up to the fountain place their food in a plastic bag in and around the fountain. Call your local food bank to be there with a truck to haul it back to their warehouse. Smile…we have done a fun and easy good/bad deed!

    Forward and share. The more the merrier. Make it happen. Resend this message on 5/5 to remind everyone. Text it around too!
    Be Well Be Inspired

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