Join us for the mp3 Experiment flashmob

If you have an mp3 player and want to take part in a fun flashmob, come on down to our first mp3 experiment! Basically you download a secret mp3 to your player, show up and everyone presses Play at the same time.  So everyone is getting instructions at the same time, so you learn about the flashmob as you go.

Thanks to everyone who came out for our first mp3 experiment!  It was a rousing success!  Pictures and videos will be online soon!

We’ve modeled this off of Improv Everywhere’s mp3 Experiments, but have come up with a pretty crazy script for our first outing – should be a blast!  If you want to participate, bookmark this page because it will have everything you need to know:

Mp3 Experiment Details

As with all our events, participation is mandatory!  We are already covered for photographs and videos, so only show up if you’re going to play along with the group.

When: Saturday, December 12th, 2:00pm – watch for the sign to start!

Where: 7th Street, west of Mill Ave in Tempe, right next to the giant Christmas tree.

What to Do: Show up at the location with the mp3 on your player and press play at exactly 2:00pm! Do NOT listen to the mp3 in advance!

RSVP: You can RSVP on our Facebook event if you so desire, but all you’re required to do is show up!

What to Bring: Your mp3 player & Headphones.

What to Wear: If your birthday is between January and June, wear a blue shirt.  If your birthday is between July and December, wear a red shirt.

How to get the mp3

The mp3 is listed below!

If you have iTunes: Subscribe to our Podcast

To download mp3 manually: Download mp3 file

That should cover it, but if we missed anything ask away!

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  2. Kris Baxter Avatar
    Kris Baxter

    Hey all —
    Stop by Town Lake after the stunt. Having a big party at Tempe Beach Park starting at a little after 2 p.m. with gourmet food and cakes you can sample for $1, free music by good bands and free kayaking. If you like, we’re taking donations for Tempe’s less fortunate. Bring a can of food, something warm or hygiene items.

  3. That was awesome! Had a blast. Hope to do more of that this year. Life is way too short not to be a kid again and just have fun.

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