Epic Super Hero Battle ’10 is coming

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The time has come once again for villains and heroes to gather in armed combat. Well… maybe just some healthy taunting and significant amount of faux battle. But it’ll still be fun!

There will be a pub crawl beforehand, then the battle, then we’re going to see the movie Kick Ass in full costume. You’re welcome to come to any combination of the above.


Decide whether you want to be a superhero or a supervillain. Ideally, we’d like equal numbers on either side, but we’re willing to let the law of averages work unfettered. Dress appropriately. Let your imagination run wild, but if you’re stuck, we’ll be having a costume meetup to help you with ideas.


* Licensed outfits. No need to get sued, right? Make it up, but feel free to draw inspiration.
* Real or realistic weapons. No need to get anyone shot, right?
* Nothing. Note the double-negative. In other words, cover thyself!


Both sides will meet separately on Mill Ave in Tempe, then come together as a group.  Note that this is a participation event! If you’re not in costume, don’t come!

Villains — You’re being led by Ruth Carter. Villains — You’re being led by Ruth Carter. You are meeting by the KPMG building on Rio Salado at 2:00.  See the map!

Heroes — Jeff Moriarty is directing things for your side. You are meeting on 1st and Ash (in the Monti’s Parking Lot)  See the map!

MAP: Map of Parking and Meetup Locations! <– This is the map!


Saturday, April 17th – Both Heroes and Villains need to be parked, dressed and gathered with their groups by NO LATER THAN 2:00p. We highly recommend planning on arriving at 1:45 to make sure you can find the group. If you get there early — WAIT! No rogue agents, please. As cool as it sounds… it’s not. The group is better.


The battle will take place on Mill Ave, working our way up towards the Light Rail station. We’re going to stay on public property so we don’t disrupt any of the business on Mill. No none wants to get arrested. Well, none of us trying to organize want to get arrested. YMMV.

If you’re on Facebook you can RSVP for the event here and share it with your friends!


Our partners in this melee – AZ Cacophony – are doing a pub crawl again before the battle. This is totally optional. If you’re interested, the crawl starts at noon.


Since the movie Kick-Ass is opening that weekend, we’re going to ride the light rail in costume (fun!) and go see the movie in costume (more fun!).

We’ll take the Light Rail to the 3rd & Washington stop, then walk to the Arizona Center to see the 4:30 show (or 5:15 if we run late)


Stuck for costume ideas?  We’re having a Costuming Meetup at Easley’s Fun Shop at 509 W McDowell Rd on Saturday, April 10th, at 11:00am. Stop on by, get costume ideas, then we’ll probably get a bite to eat for lunch afterwards.


For all Flickr and Twitter references, use IMPROVAZ or ESHB10 (Epic Super Hero Battle 10).

Here’s a clip of the mayhem from last year.  Look like fun? We think so. See you on April 17th!

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