Friends, Pranksters, Countrymen… lend us your vote!

Battle Stalwarts
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Good evening!  Well, it isn’t really evening out as I write this, but I always liked Alfred Hitchcock.

Things have been a little quiet around the ImprovAZ front as tends to happen over the summer. It’s not the heat so much as the stupid people are running around saying “At least it’s a dry heat.”  We’re worried about not being able to control ourselves and inflicting bodily harm upon those people, so we say safely indoors.  However, the summer is happily drawing to a close, and we’re gearing up for what hopes to be a fun few months of shenanigans.

We need your vote!

A few pranksters from Arizona and California are going to the South By Southwest Interactive festival in Austin next year, and we’ve submitted two panels to talk about doing pranks and flashmobs.  Could you take 5 minutes and vote for us?  Cast your vote or leave a comment for Frosting The Law: Building a Safe Prank Group, and Happenings and Shenanigans: Pranksterism in Our Culture.  Many thanks!

We’re an inspiration! (maybe)

If you missed the spandex clad piece of awesome that was the Epic Super Hero Battle, take some time to gaze upon the technicolor pictures that emerged.  It appears that real superheroes are popping up in the Southern and Midwestern parts of our fair country, so who knows… maybe next year we’ll spawn some real heroes (or villains!)

Want to get involved?

Some of you have already told us you’re interested in helping put on pranks, be lookouts, or help film, but we could use a few more dependable souls – especially if you have some video recording skills. If you would like to help us run some of our silliness, drop us a line!

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