Recap of Fake Protest Part Deux – Down With Sequels!

(cc) sheiladeeisme on Flickr

About 30 people came out for Improv AZ’s Fake Protest #2 – Down With Sequels! We gathered at the intersection of 20th Street and Camelback Road in Phoenix and lined the street where cars waiting for the light to change could see us. Everyone made their own signs that protested nothing.

These were some of the more memorable signs:

  • Honk If You <3 Badonkadonk
  • Ask Me About My Vow of Silence
  • Down With Elevators
  • I Had Friends On The Death Star
  • I Just Spent 9 Months On The Inside (this sign was held with a baby)

We also yelled various nonsensical things at passing cars, like, “I like glitter,” “My arms are sore,” and “I’m a pedestrian.”

The responses are the most entertaining part of these things, and we had every kind you could imagine. Some people tried to ignore us. Many people smiled and honked their horns, while other people tried hard to ignore us. A fire truck stopped at the light held asked what we were protesting, then gave us a monstrous honk when they found it was for fun.

A few passersby who struggled to wrap their brains around the fact that dozens of people would spend their Saturday morning standing on a street corner with funny signs. Nearby mall security and the Phoenix Police made a few passes and checked us out, but let us carry on.

One of the best reactions came as we were wrapping things up and taking our final group picture. A woman came up and thanked us because she was having a really bad day until our display of absurdity made her smile. She turned her car around and stopped just to let us know. Perfect!

Lots of photos of the fake protest are on Flickr, thanks to talented  Phoenix photographer, Sheila Dee. If you have your own pictures on Flickr, use the tags “improvaz” and “fake protest” so they show up in our search. You can also tag yourself in our Fake Protest Facebook photo album.

Thanks to everyone who came out – another flash mob should be announced soon!

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