Save the Date: No Pants Light Rail Ride 2014

courtesy of nooccarLast year 350 people took to the Light Rail in Phoenix and took off their pants – and we’re doing it again!

The 6th Annual No Pants Light Rail Ride is coming up on Sunday, January 12th at 1pm. This is part of the Global No Pants Subway Ride started by Improv Everywhere in 2002. What started as 7 people doing a prank on the New York subway has expanded into an international event involving tens of thousands of people in dozens of cities all over the world.

The rules of the event are pretty simple – show up at the designated place and time with your light rail pass, take off your pants, get on the light rail, and act like nothing strange is going on. You have no idea why other people around you aren’t wearing pants. If you have trouble keeping a straight face, you may want to bring your earbuds and listen to your music.

Warm or cold, rain or shine we’re doing this. As the date gets closer, we’ll bring you in the loop about where the starting points will be and where the group is meeting up. We had an awesome time last year riding the rail sans pants and meeting up at Angel’s Trumpet Ale House. Check out the photos and video from last year’s event to see for yourself.

If you haven’t done so yet, please RSVP on our Facebook event – we’ll update it with the details of the 2014 No Pants Ride once we have them ironed out.


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