Need your ideas – good places for pranks and flashmobs?

One of the big challenges as we’ve tried to get ImprovAZ up and rolling, and work with the AZ Flashmob group, is finding good places to do missions. It’s more difficult than you might think.

If something is on private property, you have to be really careful that you don’t get in trouble for trespassing. Some security personnel have senses of humor, and others do not. You can try contacting the property owner for permission, but they often want a fee to “use” their facility, or get very suspicious of anything that might disrupt their business. Besides, once you have to start getting approval letters, a whole lot of the “improv” part of the equation has started to disappear.

The best places are public property. Improv Everywhere loves to use public terminals (subways, train terminals), parks, and community areas. That’s a bit more challenging in Arizona because so many public facilities are outside. So even the great parks we have are tough to use in the height of summer.

We want to build a list of places we can match up with some of the great ideas we’ve been getting. It’s been challenging for us, so I figured let’s ask for suggestions! Spread the word around and see what we can come up with.  We’ll take any idea, but ideally we want public locations (or if private, explain why it would still be a good place). Also, think about all over the Valley. ASU and Tempe have great locations, but we want to really start spreading things around.

And if you know any friends, family, or colleagues who might have ideas – ask them. Please leave your ideas in the comments below, or if you need to be confidential you can email us at



7 responses to “Need your ideas – good places for pranks and flashmobs?”

  1. Outside Day
    – Public Pools
    – Big Surf
    – Golfland
    – Sunsplash/Waterworld

    On weekend evenings.. outside but cooler…
    – Desert Ridge Marketplace
    – San Tan Mall (Gilbert)
    – Tempe Market Place
    – Mill Avenue
    – Old Town Scottsdale

    – Chandler Fashion Square
    – Diamondbacks
    – Castles and Coasters
    – Polar Ice
    – Burton Barr Library
    – Game Works

  2. Yuri Artibise Avatar
    Yuri Artibise

    The new Civic Space Park
    ASU Downtown – Taylor St Mall
    Phoenix Art Museum

  3. spike Avatar

    old fashioned bicycle parade down mill ave. 4th of july? Everyone decorate their bikes with crepe paper streamers and american flags and such with playing cards in the bicycle spokes. Funnier would be adults with tricycles.

    Kiwanis park – nature tours similar to n.y. subway art gallery?
    label all the man amde items with genus species names as well as the natural items give habitat information etc. have “guides” dressed in khakis leading groups with binoculars about

    University musical 1 – ala high school musical at asu’s mu

  4. Mill Ave., definitely…

    Celebrity or Dodge Theaters, after a concert…

    US Airways Center after U2 in October.

    That tiny Dairy Queen on Main,

    Oohh!! Excellent Idea: You know how they do the statues on Main Street, and sometimes close the street to look at them i.e. Mesa Day? Do a Freeze then!!!

  5. Christine Avatar

    Fashion Square Mall or Mill Avenue would be fun places to do something. Even during the holidays when there is an event where there will be lots of people. A busy intersection maybe scottsdale do a flash mod dance.

  6. Don’t know about location but how about a marshmallow shooter fight? It’s cheap and easy to make marshmallow guns out of pvc pipe. Load’em up with mini marshmallows and have an old west shoot-out!

  7. Sidewalks outside art galleries
    Outdoor Mall common space
    Outside parkinglot of ahwatukee AMC

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