No Pants Light Rail Ride recap – amusing and confusing in our underwear

courtesy of Joe Abbruscato

Another great day of pantsless fun achieved!

Approximately 150 people dropped their pants on January 9th across the Valley as part of Improv AZ’s 3rd Annual No Pants Light Rail Ride. The event was part of Improv Everywhere’s Global No Pants Subway Ride.

Our pantsless participants boarded the light rail more or less at 2pm at three stations around Phoenix. Passengers were confused and maybe a wee bit shocked, with many pulling out their cellphones to take pictures. New passengers entering the cars did double takes and tried to find the spot on the car furthest from the leg-showing throng. Some asked us what we were protesting.

Our group was a diverse lot. One woman was a mother whose sons did the No Pants Ride last year… and this year she wanted to join in. Two people wore awesome animal hats complete with paws. This also seemed to be the year to wear argyle socks and to have verbiage on your undies. We had “Cheers,” “Follow Me,” and “I’m blogging this” to list a few.

This was also the chilliest No Pants Ride in Arizona to date. The high for the day was 61 degrees,which was too cold for some thin-blooded (e.g. wimpy) Arizonans and they backed out at the last minute. Others coped by layering tights underneath their underwear. One guy rolled in with underwear that had full legs – almost like girls’ leggings. It was a fashion extravaganza!

All the riders exited on Mill Avenue in Tempe and walked three blocks to the great pub Robbie Fox’s Public House. When a street musician saw our pantsless parade walking down the street, he removed his trousers and continued to play. Lots of cars honked and pulled over to take pictures, and the Auburn and Oregon fans in town for the BCS championship game were quite baffled.

We hung around for about an hour drinking and having fun, then took a great group picture and headed back to our trains, our cars, and our pants.

Check out all the pictures from the No Pants ride on Flickr, and there is a No Pants slideshow on the Phoenix New Times site.  Here is the first video, but we hope to have another one soon.

A big thank you to everyone who participated in the No Pants Light Rail ride this year, and much love our photographers Devon Christopher Adams, Joe Abbruscato, and Michael Ging – and videographers Bob Marquis and Lorin Thwaits.

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