No Pants Light Rail Ride 2012 Recap & Video

No pants, no problem!

courtesy of patrickem
courtesy of patrickem

The fourth No Pants Light Rail Ride was last Sunday here in Phoenix as part of Improv Everywhere’s global No Pants Subway Ride, and it was a rockin’ great time. About 250 people hit the rail, taking the train into Tempe and then walking (or strutting) down to Robbie Fox’s for some mid-ride fun.

No matter how many  years this happens, people are always surprised to meet us on the train. Many riders were stunned, but recovered enough to get out their cell phones to snap pictures. One man commented that he “liked white butts”, which meant Sunday must have been like Christmas for him.

More than any previous year, we had people join in the fun spontaneously, with at least eight people dropping their pants and becoming part of the group without really knowing what was going on.

Perhaps the weirdest encounter was an older couple who happened to run into the No Pants Ride last year, then again this year. They were determined to find out what was going on, and when we finally explained it they found the whole idea fun and hysterical.

Devon Christopher Adams on Flickr
Devon Christopher Adams on Flickr

Most people who asked didn’t get an explanation for why the group wasn’t wearing pants. Some of the overheard excuses that were given for being panstless included the simple “I forgot my pants,” but ranged to the more creative “My girlfriend broke up with me and she shredded all my pants” and “Oh my god, I did it again. Sometimes I forget to wear pants.”

We had furry slippers, big wigs, colorful socks, tons of superhero underwear, and one spectacularly big, blue mohawk. We also saw the most pre-printed underwear of any ride yet, including “No Pictures Please”, “Stop Staring”, “I <3 Bacon”, “Esquire”, and “Cougar In Training.”

Apparently Fascinations sent out an email to their customers about us, so a big thanks to them. Maybe they’ll offer an Undie Discount next year – who knows?

No Pants Pictures, Videos, and Stories

Here is our video of the event, but there is a lot more to see…


Over four hundred No Pants pictures are up on Flickr. These are fantastic and you really should check some of them out. Use the tag “nopantsaz” if you add your own.

The Phoenix New Times had a no pants slideshow with The Good, The Bad, The Ugly, and the TMI.

The Arizona Republic also had a no pants slideshow, and we were covered in the Downtown Devil, the ASU State Press, and Arizona Foothills Magazine. All were pretty good about getting with the spirit of it this year, and most event removed their pants!

Channel 3 sent out a cameraman and we ended up on the evening news. We asked them not to disrupt the ride, and they were mostly good about that. They need smaller cameras.

Guitarsenals on YouTube recorded both a 2D ride video and, yes, a 3D No Pants ride video!

Don’t miss out…

If you want to join us next year, or for any of our other flash mobs, join our email notification list and we’ll let you know when something is coming up.



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  1. Jim Khennedy Avatar
    Jim Khennedy

    Hi! Hey, I signed up for the “newsletter” back in January but, other than an automated acknowledgement, haven’t heard a thing. Is there really so little going on, or did I fail I make it into the mailing list?

    I periodically have ideas for escapades; is there some way to bring them to the group, or is there an inner cabal responsible for all activities?

    Hope to hear from someone…

    1. You’re fine – we just all got really busy the past few months and didn’t have time to pull things together on one of our pranks. We still have things cooking and are going to discuss it in the next few days. If you have ideas, you can always email us at – we love any input and help!

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