Update! Tips and reminders for No Pants Ride

This is an update with some last minute tips and information for the No Pants Light Rail Ride happening in Phoenix is this Sunday, January 13th! You can read all the main details on our original blog post.

Remember – Act like nothing weird is happening!

If people ask you about not wearing pants, act surprised! Wow, how did you not notice that before? Other people without pants on? That’s a pretty weird coincidence!

Do not tell people it is a flash mob or a prank. The more confused they are, the better!

It’s gonna be chilly!

The trains should be nice and warm, but it’s gonna be brisk on the platforms and walking to the mid-ride party. Bundle up nicely, and we suggest bringing a pair of sweats or pants and a backpack you can stash them in. We originally said show up at the train in your underwear, but if you want to depants inside the train that’s fine.

It’s still not going to be nearly as cold as it will be for the people doing this in Chicago and Minneapolis, so no excuses!

Three starting locations

There are three starting locations along the light rail. All will be boarding the first train leaving after 1:00pm sharp!

All of them should have about the same amount of time on the train, and two of them are switching trains during the ride to help confuse the most people possible! All locations have a Park & Ride to leave your car, so join whichever stop is closest to you. When you get there look for the ride captains with a red scarf/bandana tied to them somehow.

And arrive early enough to get your Light Rail pass!

Mid-ride party

Our mid-ride party will be at Angels Trumpet Ale House. They will have a special, shortened menu for us (so they can get things out fast), and will have $1 off pints. This is an all-ages place, so minors are welcome. We’ll stay here for about an hour or so, but you are free to leave early if you need to, or stay later if you’re having fun.

It will be about a 5 minute walk from the Roosevelt station, so bring those (temporary) pants if you need them (see above).

Twitter and Hashtag

You can follow us on Twitter for any last minute news or updates as we go. The hashtag to use for Twitter (or Instagram, Flickr, or anywhere else is): #NoPantsPhx

Everything else you need…

…should be in the original blog post. So please give it a read so you know how everything works.

But if we missed something or you have any questions, let us know!

See you Sunday!


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